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Take control

of your finances and your future


We are committed to making the path to financial freedom as easy as possible.

As a family-owned company, we've helped thousands of people regain control of their finances and supported them every step of the way.


financial education and ongoing support.

Credit Repair

From identifying errors to disputing negative entries, we can improve your credit scores quickly and legally.

Credit Monitoring

Maintaining good credit is an ongoing process. We establish a long-term plan for keeping your credit history up-to-date and accurate.

Mortgage Modification

Miss payments? Delinquency? 

We're experts in current federal and state programs for reducing mortgage debt.

Financial Counseling

We equip you with the education and resources you need to continue reaching your financial goals.

Stay in control

of your own financial journey


I give thanks to Credit Help USA for fixing my credit. Now, I am getting a house! Thanks to my good credit.

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